What we do

We build on-line, in-house global leadership communities of practice for large companies.

Why Leadership Development

To provide real-time, continuous, real-world development of your leaders, just in time. The rest learn from the best. They share real, proven, leadership practice, issues and skills, customized (naturally) to your organization. Leadership Development is no longer separate from ‘doing’ leadership. Performance improves. And a leadership culture emerges or is strengthened.

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We tempt them into the community regularly, for just a few minutes at a time. We prime their leadership conversations and facilitate them with short ‘nudges’ and prompts. The best sharers of ‘how to lead in our organization’ are rewarded with peer acclaim and respect.

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Our Formula

Platform + Facilitation + Micro-lessons or ‘nudges’


We design and build the platform fast, with your potential users’ participation, and to your brief. They help shape it.


With our facilitator’s help, the spotlight is put on leaders who most clearly and effectively put your ‘desired leadership behaviours’ into action (the actions that will move your organization to where it needs to go, as defined by you).

Micro-lessons or ‘nudges’

We prime the learning conversations with short, sharp content - created by us and/or drawn from your own best practice in leadership or from outside your organization.

Here’s one we made earlier

InterContinental Hotels Group

We built and ran the in-house leadership community of practice for IHG, one of the world’s largest companies, for eight years.

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