About The Leadership Hub

The Leadership Hub is a platform for learning how to lead, no matter what your job title. Regular short learning 'bites' build into lessons on the key elements of leadership today. Sign up for the 'bites' in your email. The Leadership Hub was the world's first online leadership community of practice, established in 2007.


Who's behind The Leadership Hub?

"No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing."
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Phil Dourado


Founder - The Leadership HubPhil Dourado is a leadership author, consultant and community builder. He is the author of two books on leadership, published by John Wiley & Sons, and is founder and curator of The Leadership Hub, an online community of practice. He was for five years Chief Learning Officer of The Inspired Leaders Network, where his job was to research and identify what makes inspiring leaders and how best to develop leadership capital in large organizations. He holds an MA in History from Cambridge University, is married with two sons. Phil was named the 14th most influential leadership ‘guru’ in the world in the 2012 Leadership Gurus‘ Global Top 30, up three places from 2011: www.leadershipgurus.net. He thinks he‘s not very good at leadership himself but is good at recognizing it, and his clients say he is good at helping develop leadership in others.

Brom Sulaiman

Design & Development

Design and Development - The Leadership HubBrom Sulaiman has worked in IT for over ten years, in roles ranging from IT troubleshooting and support to testing video games for Sega (“not as much fun as it sounds,” he insists), from corporate website design to building a corporate intranet. He is the architect of The Leadership Hub™. Brom has a BSc in Media Technology and Digital Media Production and lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughter. He has worked in the UK and Australia. Brom loves all things design and technology and can often be found with his iPad in one hand and a pencil and paper in the other.


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