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Quiz: Do You Lead with Emotional Intelligence? (2-minute)

The Architect November 30, 2016 Leadership Blog
Quiz: Do You Lead with Emotional Intelligence? (2-minute)

A tool for aiding with your self-reflection.

A series of questions asking you to rate your effectiveness. It then scores you on 5 factors of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness
  2. Positive Outlook
  3. Emotional Self-Control
  4. Adaptability
  5. Empathy

You can 'game' the system somewhat by selecting the best option every time. But you're not trying to beat a High Score. You want to see what you are really like.


You can see some of that in the averages, which are VERY high... we all have a tendency to think the best of ourselves.

In fact, we'd recommend after doing this quiz, ask someone who knows you well to fill it in for you.

Refreshing the page leads back to your results but there's an option to reset at the bottom.


More on Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman's book, which started it all...)

Phil Dourado

Phil Dourado is The Leadership Hub founder. He's the author of two leadership books. Phil and his team run an online leadership community of practice for one of the world's largest companies.