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Quiz: 4 Types of Leader. Which are You?

The Architect August 22, 2016 Leadership Blog
Quiz: 4 Types of Leader. Which are You?

New research claims there are 4 kinds of leadership.*

Like you, probably, I am wary of the assumption that we can each be put in one of four boxes.

But, if you take these things with a dose of "enthusiastic skepticism" (a phrase I heard the other day and like) these tests can often tell you something about yourself. You can use it to pick ONE area you want to develop further, based on the outcome.

What I did, if you want to try it is

1. Read the article to see what the 4 types are, and see which I think applies to me most.

2. Take the quiz, as honestly as possible, and see what happens.

The quiz told me I'm a 'solution-finding' leader, which is what I had guessed myself.

I may be fooling myself - we often are when something confirms what we already think ('confirmation bias' the psychologists call it).

What are the 4 Leadership Styles?

'The Classic Entrepreneur',

'The Modern Missionary',

'The Problem Solver',

'The Solution Finder'.

READ THE ARTICLE to decide which one you are...

And then TRY THE QUIZ to find out if you were right!

If you're feeling brave, get someone you work with and trust to fill it in FOR you, to get an honest summary of your leadership style!

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*By Bill Taylor, a former Harvard Business Review Editor and co-founder of Fast Company Magazine

- Phil

Phil Dourado

Phil Dourado is The Leadership Hub founder. He's the author of two leadership books. Phil and his team run an online leadership community of practice for one of the world's largest companies.