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Leadership Blog: Georgia Orphan Gives Away Toys to Make Others Smile

Servant Leader July 19, 2016 Leadership Blog

BOY: "I'm trying to make people smile. Rubber duckies, dinosaurs..."

INTERVIEWER: "Cause those are the things that make people smile?"

BOY: "Yeah!"

Just a great video showing the power of authenticity and, yes, smiles. Underestimated leadership tools you do not see often enough in our workplaces: look how affected the people are that the boy comes to. I'd follow him.

Warren Bennis, the 'Dean of Leadership' according to the Financial Times, used to say that great leaders have often been through what he called "the crucible" - a personal challenge or tragedy of such magnitude it either forges us or breaks us. 

Or, as Hemingway put it: "The world breaks all of us. But some are strong at the broken places."

As you watch this short inspiring video, see if you agree that this little boy's ability to rise above two tragedies and set himself a mission, with targets no less, to make other people happier, shows us how to lead, no matter how difficult our own circumstances are or have been.

Rarely can a leader have been 'forged' so young. What an extraordinary young man, to show us what we are all capable of, at such a young age.

Phil Dourado

Phil Dourado is The Leadership Hub founder. He's the author of two leadership books. Phil and his team run an online leadership community of practice for one of the world's largest companies.