Leadership and the Inter-Generational Divide: Issues, Trends and Solutions–2nd Edition

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Intergen ebook cover with TextTwo years ago I released the first edition of this e-book. At the time, the North American economy (the world’s for that matter) was very weak and trying to recover from the Great Recession. There was, however, a significant amount of optimism shown by the supposed experts, who were forecasting improvements in the short-term. That has taken longer than expected.

Indeed, the United States, whacked badly by the Great Recession and the 2008 financial meltdown, is finally showing steady positive signs of job growth. Canada, however, is starting to lose some of its smugness as its economy softens and the housing market begins a long-overdue correction.



I felt it was time to update this e-book to reflect some of the key recent developments and information sources that are relevant to the generations that make up the workforce, with an emphasis on Generation Y.

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There’s a lot at stake in how organizations–whether in the public sphere or the private sector–address the challenges posed by an ageing population, and especially a work force that’s about to span five generations. Gen Y will play an important role over the longer-term when it comes to leading organizations.

However, the unemployment problem facing Gen Y has not alleviated as initially promised by the experts. Their challenges are mounting as the clock keeps ticking and as many young people remain excluded from employment, and increasingly from meaningful, good-paying jobs that utilize their education and skills.

And older workers (ageing Baby Boomers) are being forced to remain in the labor force longer for financial reasons. Yet they, too, face the effects of technology and virtual work, with one consequence being outdated skills.

The ideas and information contained in this e-book are intended to assist the reader in his or her leadership journey in the workplace. There are web links throughout which transport you to the perspectives of others who comment on the issues facing the different generations. Therefore, while you may wish to print the e-book it’s formatted to be read digitally and to aid you in accessing other information sources.

Once you’ve read it, please take a moment to share your thoughts and ideas on potential solutions to what is becoming a major challenge in the workplace: Inter-generational leadership.

We can learn from [Gen Y’s] effortless mastery and application of new tools, ways of working, and methods of collaboration.

– Don Tapscott

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