Salute to Steve Jobs: Visionary Creator of the Medium that Carries Our Messages

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The word used most about Steve Jobs is VISION. His vision that the Apple computer be an extension of what people do was amazingly fulfilled during his life. The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context, says, “Steve Jobs has a vision that the Apple computer is an extension of what people do. He wants every kid in school to have access to one. Mission fulfillment starts with someone in leadership envisioning what can be.”

Steve Jobs envisioned that the medium of the computer would capture, store and carry our messages, whether they be medical research, literary analysis, art or music. He also inspired and led others to achieve the development, design and marketing of the medium. The medium resonates with us because it enables us to capture and express so much of who we are, and what we want others to know about us. In many ways Steve Jobs’ devices help me be me, and they help you be you.

Mission fulfillment requires that vision be negotiated into a set of circumstances that are favorable for a company to succeed at innovating goods and services that others are willing to pay for to benefit from and enjoy. Arguably, Steve Jobs did this better than any person in the world. Apple computers and products are functional, portable, reliable and because of these features they also are fairly ubiquitous.

Steve Jobs legacy includes leaving us a medium that assists us to do what we want to do. It enables each of us to extend our intellectual and creative capacities, and whether those messages are entertaining or enlightening, today because of Steve Jobs, they are more accessible and perhaps more relevant. That is a legacy that is incalculably beneficial, and for which I Salute Steve Jobs.

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