What do say when people ask, "Why does leadership matter?"

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I was participating in an online discussion about leadership on another site, when someone chimed-in and said “Leadership is overrated and fluff.” After my initial outrage subsided, it got me thinking. There are many people I’ve encountered throughout my career who have thought essentially the same thing. While they may not have been as blunt as this, it seems that it is true.

We are here because, I believe, we all have a passion for leadership. We care about nurturing the leadership skills, abilities, and techniques in ourselves as well as in others. I assume that we are here because we all strive to make a difference and influence our respective organizations. Despite these desires, we will certainly encounter doubters. This brings me to my question. What do you say when you are asked “why does leadership matter?” Give me your expert insights into what is the state of leadership today? Why should we care so much about it? What are the problems with leadership today on which we should focus? Are those problems the same across industries/areas (business, religion, sports, military, non-profit, political, etc.)?

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