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One thing all leaders struggle with

Giving feedback.

Receiving feedback can trigger a fight-or-flight response.

We all rationally want to improve and would want honesty from those around us. Otherwise we end up with a bizarre funhouse mirror idea of who we are.

How can we make it easier?

Dan McCarthy has 10 tips on giving feedback.

You should read all 10. But here's the 3 I think are most important:

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Lead Like Mary

Over a career spanning almost 40 years, spent in the voluntary and private sectors and latterly running my own business focused on leadership, I have had the opportunity to observe and experience leaders of every shape, size and type.  I have seen good leaders, mediocre ones, poor leaders and some who frankly terrified me.  Far too rarely have I worked for or come across great leaders who truly inspired me.

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10 Great Leadership Questions

GTIn my last post, I posted 10 Great Leadership Questions from which I think we can learn a lot about ourselves and our leadership styles.

Today I provide my answers on those, and I hope that you find it of interest :)

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Podcast - The New Leaders Challenge

images-14Leadership Podcast

The New Leaders Challenge

When we are appointed leaders one of the many challenges we have to deal with, is how to handle those people who applied for the job we have just been give, but where unsuccessful.

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FAST Leadership

Ultimately Leadership is about delivering results and achieving goals.

As leaders that’s really what we get paid for, and I wanted to share my approach to delivering results.

I call it FAST Leadership, its simple, straightforward and easy to follow.

This is not something that I have learned from books, theories or even training courses.

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How Do We Measure Good Leadership

good badd bossOne of my closets friends asked me a great question, How do we measure leadership and What constitutes good leadership?

I thought this was a great question because it makes us ask what is the goal of leadership?

According to definitions found on the internet.

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You Need To Know Where You Are In Order To Get Where You're Going

planningIf Transparency is all about understanding where we are, tracking our planned progress against actual progress, to ensure that we are on track to succeed, then one of the best tools to help with that is, in my opinion, Earned Value Management (EVM).

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Why Don't We Recognise People More?

applauseThere’s a saying ‘What we recognise gets repeated’ which implies that recognition is one way to create the culture we want, by recognising the behaviours that we want repeated. I also believe that recognition is one of the key lubricants in creating successful organisations and developing winning culture.

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Does The End Justify The Means

Tyrant 2Success can be defined in many different ways, sometimes we have clear goals and it can look like success is very easy to define. Either the project was delivered successfully on time or it wasn’t.

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Conflicting Goals

conflicting goalsAs leaders it is our responsibility to provide clear direction to our teams.

When we do this, we need to ensure that the direction we set is in line with that of our company, or what our own masters are looking for us to do.

If we do not do this, then we can find that our teams are getting different messages, one from us and one from our company or sponsors, which can result in conflicting goals.