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Will Gen Z be the Disruptive Generation?


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The media loves hyperbole. If there’s a way to spin a story or add drama to it, whether needlessly or not, the media has perfected the art. Examples abound so I won’t waste your time reciting well known instances.

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Gen Y Should Give Us Hope: It’s About Self-Empowerment

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Society, for whatever reason, has traditionally looked at youth as pampered, lazy and possessing no goal in life.

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Customer Service and the Role of Leadership

Streesed Employee 2You go to the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant. You expect the staff to know what they’re doing, to be efficient, pleasant and to answer your (often) unreasonable or inarticulate requests.

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Are You a BSer! Words of Wisdom from a Crotchety Boomer

PhotoSorry to disappoint you, but I’m talking about a topic completely different from what you may have inferred. To my peers, Baby Boomers, I’m taking out the whacking stick. Gens X and Y: sit back (grab a beer), relax and enjoy. Then get pissed off.