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Friday Entertainment: OK GO Backyard Dancing (OK, It's Been Around For A While)

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

But it still makes me laugh. Leadership lesson? Er, creativity and innovation doesn't have to cost millions and be high-tech, I guess. A bit of personality goes a long way. Let people express themselves.


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Be Entertained: Leadership and geography. Which way is up?

When you sign up to The Hub there is a question it asks you: "Where in the world are you?" A large proportion of our members are from the US, and most of them answer "Austin, Texas" or "Los Angeles", or wherever, which makes sense and helps most other Hub members place where they are in their heads.

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The Incredible Dancing Blair

Well, he's shuffled off the Prime Ministerial stage after ten years. But, he's saved the last dance for you. Click here to enjoy a farewell to The incredible dancing Blair

The Incredible Dancing Blair