cause and effect

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Book Club: The Halo Effect; The nine delusions of management books

What you see is not always what you think you see, my dears. This is particularly the case when we seek to identify cause for a particular effect.

n his book The Halo Effect, Phil Rosenweig lays out 9 specific delusions and shows how they distort the advice you find in management books. They are:

1. The Halo Effect - tending of analysis of a company to reflect only the overall results

2. The Delusion of Correlation and Causality - the lack of proof of causality in many situations

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The Halo Effect

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Stopping the Blame Game

2009 was a tough year for many.   2010 is proving to be just as challenging for me, some of the challenge is driven from the decisions we made in 2009.   The cause and effect!!!   

Most critical business related decisions are made by teams not individuals but how soon we forget when the results of those decisions come home to roost.  Behind the tension and the drama however there is often a very different driver.  The key is to understand what that driver and manifested behaviour is.