More Leadership Articles: on Charisma, Love, Intuition, Decision-making, Mistakes

A number of Hub members have asked recently "Where are the leadership articles?" So, here are some links to a site called Leadership Articles.

Hub File Sharing Area: Ego, charisma and humility

Amrit asked a question over in the Group Coach area of The Hub about charisma and leadership. I've attached a short chapter from The 60 Second Leader that is useful in thinking through charismatic leadership, ego and humility. Click on the red headline, below, to read and/or download it as a Word doc. Then do please go over to The Group Coach area, using the red link on the first line of this post, to help answer Amrit's question with your own thoughts on charisma and leadership.

Thanks. Phil.

Charismatic Leadership: Help wanted

Hub member Amrit has asked for advice, thoughts, insights, on charismatic leadership - for a research project he is doing into this area. What are the pros and/or cons of charismatic leadership, in your view?

Please post any thoughts below, to help Amrit, using the 'add comment' button.

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