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COLive Episode 8 - Complexity Series: How to Provoke Creative Leadership

The second installment of the Complexity Series is a wrap! Thank you to all who tuned in live on our site and those who dropped by the InterContinental Toronto Centre.

"How To Provoke Creative Leadership" is the second installment of the Complexity Series from The Peregrine Agency's Corner Office, filmed at the Toronto InterContinental Hotel. Joining our host, Susan Radojevic, is special guest Shirley Knight and Explorers Debra Pickfield and Jean Letourneau.

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Corner Office LIVE Today at 4 p.m. EST! Join us!

Our Explorers, Debra Pickfield and Jean Letourneau will be joined by David Snowden, a Corner Office friend.

The show starts at 4 p.m. EST sharp.

Click here to watch.

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Why is Event Portfolio Alignment Important to Corporate Decision-Makers?

The economy is slowly reviving – have you noticed the business landscape transforming as a result? Some organizations and leaders are adapting to these changes and successfully responding to new economic demands. Today we remind leaders of a powerful tool their organization already has at its disposal which, when effectively leveraged and properly directed, allows leaders to thrive in transforming and complex situations.



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Enhance Events with NMN Mobi

In our last blog post we announced our new, upcoming feature to Corner Office – Thingamajiggers, where we will familiarize you with champions among the many tools, resources and technology offered to augment meetings and events. On top of this, we also promised to help you suss out how these thingamajiggers fit into your overall event portfolio and business strategy.

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Introducing Corner Office’s New Feature: Thingamajiggers


Between running a business 24/7, managing an abundant source of information and with the insane frequency of innovation these days, I find it hard to keep it all straight in my head. In fact, often my memory cells leave me with no forwarding address and I forget the names of the latest and greatest tools, resources and gadgets (even the most helpful ones!) and simply refer to them `thingamajiggers’.

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Demystifying Meetings & Events: Myth #3

An event portfolio investment is not relevant to the C-Level Executive

At first glance, this myth may seem a bit odd as it is generally accepted that all functional aspects of an organization should be important to leadership.  On a large scale this is somewhat true however there is another aspect of an organization that continues to take precedence over many other important areas. 

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Demystifying Meetings & Events: Myth #1 Anyone within an organization can plan a meeting or event

Let’s face it.  Many of us are guilty of believing or (even worse) acting upon this myth in an organization.

The time has come for this myth to be busted once and for all!  As long as organizations operate in accordance with this mythology, they will continue to bypass vital opportunities to foster an event portfolio alignment strategy.

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Winston Churchill. Courage. Leadership.



As the host of Corner Office, I often think about who I would interview if the sky was the limit.  Needless to say, there are a number of innovative thinkers whose legacies have left a lasting impression on me.  One of those great heroes is Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England).  I believe we could all learn from Churchill’s wisdom, as he was a revolutionary strategist and communicator of his time.