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What can you learn from Rock Music about Learning Organisations?

Peter Cook, a business academic and author of ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll', contends that much of the lengthy stuff written by Business Schools about Leadership has been neatly summed up by the ‘3M Corporation’, where our gurus are Madonna, Meatloaf Motorhead et al! In this one minute segment I look at the thorny issue of Organisational Learning and Learning Organisations through my rewiring of some rock classics to reveal their ‘hidden messages’ for leaders:

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The head, heart, soul of leadership and rock'n'roll

“Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll – Can life be that simple?”

“Not really. You need to know why you’re doing what you do as well.”

“So, does Leadership benefit from an MBA?”

“Yes, but no. You need attitude and soul as well …”

“So, is the secret of leadership not only technique but also attitude?”

“Er, definitely maybe …”