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We had a tough winter here in Eastern Ontario where I live. But then, so did much of Canada and many parts of the U.S. Lots of snow, strong winds, and what caused meteorologists to exhibit signs of unusual arousal, the Polar Vortex, which somehow got diverted from Canada’s Arctic for a couple of months to put the freeze on much of North America. Blame the Canucks!

Introduce the Right Hand to the Left: 10 Lessons in Customer Service

Hands shakingI decided it was time to get a new smart phone. My three year-old HTC Evo, while a solid device, was getting increasingly slow, neurotic at times and heavy to carry.

Customer Service and the Role of Leadership

Streesed Employee 2You go to the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant. You expect the staff to know what they’re doing, to be efficient, pleasant and to answer your (often) unreasonable or inarticulate requests.

Are You Passionate or Indifferent About Your Customers?

Stressed Employee 1It was our third and last evening in cosmopolitan Montreal, a city where I grew up in the Sixties and early Seventies. Sue and I decided that we would take the train to Montreal from Ottawa to spend the long May weekend to celebrate our 36th anniversary.

No Soup for You! Tales of Amazing Customer Service

Customer ServiceMany, many years ago, when our now four adult kids were wee ones, Sue and I would take the family on adventurous vacations, typically involving tents and sleeping bags.

Are You a BEST Leader at Customer Service? Get Your Feet Burnt!

BEST PostCustomer (client) service is in the dumps with most companies and publicly funded organizations. We all have our favorite stories of horrendous customer service.

Does Your Company Need a Grand Poobah of Customer Service?

big-waiter"I dub you King (Queen) of customer service! Now go forth and rally your troops to make our company the best in how customers are served."

Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

Your Call is Very Important to Us!

How many times have you heard this statement on the phone: “Your Call is Very Important to Us!”

Do You Provide Skunkadelic Service to your Customers?

I don’t know about you, but I detest skunks. I’ve been sprayed in the past while walking my dog, an event I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Unfortunately, I live in the skunk capital of Canada–Ottawa, Ontario.

The Difference Between Good & Great Service

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