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Brutalized by an Airline: How Corporate Culture is Reflected in Poor Customer Service



This is a story about leadership and customer service; or to be more precise it’s about the absence of both.

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Under-Promise, Over-Deliver: Amazon’s Dropped Ball

sad-faceI have an admitted obsession with customer service. It all started in 1978 when, as a new college grad with a B.A. in economics, I worked in consumer lending. Half of my job involved building loan and mortgage business; the other half required me to hit the road in the company car to collect delinquent loan accounts.

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Hippocrates on Customer Service: First, Do No Evil

See Me

Acknowledge my unique needs in all you do from product development ... to process planning ... to connecting with me in meaningful ways both online and in person. I’ll do the same for you.

Speak to me

Have internal processes in place that allow you to interact with me as if we are good friends. Remember what I ordered last time I came in. Be ready with helpful and relevant recommendations. Learn something new about me every time we meet and then do something with that information that helps me.

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5 Things Chipotle Can Teach Your Company

Everyone’s all atwitter about Chipotle right now. Why? Because they’re redefining the fast-casual food industry with organic ingredients, sustainably farmed food, and a fresh, new way of managing people. Even those of us who work outside the hospitality industry can learn a few things from their success:

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Are You Generating Transactions Or New Customers?

DogOnce upon a time there was a CEO of a pet food company who wanted to increase his profits from making dog food. So he consulted the wisest men in his company, who all knew about developing computer programs that would analyze the nutrition needs of dogs and the nutrition content of various grains and food supplements.

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Don’t Pee on the Electric Fence: A Lesson in Customer Service

Electric FenceIn my last post Customer Service Meets Productivity I shared a recent customer service experience with the Hyundai dealership where I’ve dealt for three and a half years.

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Customer Service Meets Productivity

mechanic1We had a tough winter here in Eastern Ontario where I live. But then, so did much of Canada and many parts of the U.S. Lots of snow, strong winds, and what caused meteorologists to exhibit signs of unusual arousal, the Polar Vortex, which somehow got diverted from Canada’s Arctic for a couple of months to put the freeze on much of North America.

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Introduce the Right Hand to the Left: 10 Lessons in Customer Service

Hands shakingI decided it was time to get a new smart phone. My three year-old HTC Evo, while a solid device, was getting increasingly slow, neurotic at times and heavy to carry.

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Customer Service and the Role of Leadership

Streesed Employee 2You go to the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant. You expect the staff to know what they’re doing, to be efficient, pleasant and to answer your (often) unreasonable or inarticulate requests.