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Surprise Dance On Finnair Flight To Celebrate India's Republic Day

Nice reminder that you need to lead tour organization in a way that allows people to surprise and delight customers. There are too many suppliers of 'grey' products and experiences out there. Your aim is to lead in a way that sets people free to improvise to surprise and delight. That's the only way your organization will be remembered, stand out and/or, as this video has done, go viral.

What’s Your Time Worth as a Consumer?

I’m becoming a pain-in-the ass as I head north of the mid-fifties – a consumer agitator who has become fed up with crappy customer service, over-priced goods and an over-reliance on technology.

How to Blow Away the Competition Through Leadership: Why TD Bank Kicks Butt

From Changing Winds

First off, I’ll disclose that I don’t bank with TD (Toronto Dominion) Bank, one of Canada’s Big-Five banks (nor do I own any of its stock or bonds). I bank with Scotiabank, one of the Big-Five sisters, and which provides satisfactory service. As you’ll see in this post, TD Bank has proven itself to be the most innovative bank in Canada.

A Race to the Bottom in Customer Service: How Low Can You Go?

From Jim's blog Changing Winds

All organizations, whether public, private or non-profit, like to espouse that they’re client or customer focused. Being “client centric” is what excites public servants, at least in my experience. There’s what I’ll bluntly call a mammoth load of BS when it comes to what organizations purport they provide and what they actually deliver when it comes to serving clients and customers. The disconnect can be palpable.

IDEAS FOR LEADERS: Strategic Opportunites Do Not Knock at the Door

An original post from: Max Garfinkle

Opportunities need to be recognized.

Leaders in management have to be skilled in searching for strategic opportunities, those that can contribute to the continuity and long-term success of their enterprise.

Do You Hold Your Customers in Contempt? Or Do You TRULY Value Them?

Once upon a time yours truly, as a young university grad and newly married to boot, found himself working as a loans officer for a large finance company. Being young and naïve, I found it rather exciting to get out from behind my desk, jump in my manager’s company car and go loan collecting. After bringing in new business for loans, mortgages and conditional sales contracts, the more seamy side of my work was pounding on doors, especially at month end when stats were due for the regional manager.

Meet The Boss TV - the long and the short of it

Here's an edited version of the wonderful Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos (bought recently by Amazon's Jeff Bezos). It's a three minute video on Meet The Boss TV, a new free service that I think has its value proposition the wrong way around. It offers the edited version of videos, like this one, openly, but makes you register to watch the 'full version' at 18 minutes long. Listen carefully, Meet The Boss owners, if you stumble across this - It's in the editing that the value is.

Disney's Service Principles

  1. Pay fantastic attention to detail
  2. Everything you do walks the talk
  3. EveryONE walks the talk
  4. Customers are best heard through many ears
  5. The competition is anyone the customer compares you with
  6. Reward, Recognize and Celebrate
  7. Everyone makes a difference or ‘Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx’ (just one defective typewriter key makes a massive difference)

From: Inside the Magic Kingdom, by Tom Connellan.  there are a lot of books on Disney, but I'd recommend this one.



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