Dee Hock

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The Leadership we so badly need

How do you manage superiors-bosses, regulators, associates, customers?

Dee Hock

“The obvious question…always erupts. How do you manage superiors-bosses, regulators, associates, customers? The answer is equally obvious. You cannot. But can you understand them? Can you persuade them? Can you motivate them? Can you disturb them, influence them, forgive them? Can you set them an example? Eventually the proper word will emerge. Can you lead them?

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Employment contracts: I'll discipline myself, thank you

I was asked to join an organization as an employee back in 2000. I'd successfully avoided being officially employed, working as a consultant editor, for the previous decade or so. But, they were really keen that we had an official employment contract. As I liked them, I agreed. Till I saw the contract.

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Dee Hock's 'One From Many: VISA and the rise of the chaordic organisation'

I am halfway through this book and am struggling a bit. I must admit I expected more from Dee Hock, whom I find to be an inspiring leader, but this book does, to my mind, get bogged down in the detail of Hock's banking career. It's kind of an 'autobiography of a rogue banker' and tells how Hock lost a series of jobs for putting integrity over workplace politics and for refusing to accept sectoral established practice that didn't make sense to him.

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The 60 Second PhD in Leadership

Think back to the best boss and the worst boss you ever had.

1.    Make a list of all things done to you that you abhorred.
3.    Make another list of things done to you that you loved.

And you thought leadership was complicated.

Source: Dee Hock, founder of Visa