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"You are Putting on a Show Every Day"

I've been listening to Lee Cockerell's weekly podcasts. (I'm a head, after all. I'm all ears.)

Lee is the writer of 'Creating Disney Magic', and knows full well what it takes to 'put on the show': to have everyone in your company working to make the customer's experience.

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Disney Service: Disney cast members and the 'distance' rule

One thing I've always liked about how Disney prepares the 'cast members' at its theme parks is a story I heard about them. 

No matter what your official role, if you are the nearest cast member to a guest in a park, then how they feel is your responsibility. 

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Disney Leadership

Walt Disney inspired people to achieve far more than they thought they were able to. This group shares Walt's leadership acts and analyses them. How to be like Walt.

Leadership traits we want to develop through this group: How to be a connoiseur of talent; how to create a high-performing organisation or unit by getting individuals to perform at far higher levels than they thought they were capable of.