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Even a Bullet to the Head Couldn’t Stop this Young Female Leader


All she wanted to do was to be allowed to go to school. For that she almost paid for it with her life.

It was a horrendous scene. A “school bus” (in reality a beat-up, tarp-covered truck) was stopped by a band of thugs. Inside the bus were several young girls on their way to school in Pakistan’s beautiful Swat valley. One of the thugs walked around the back of the bus and demanded to know which one of the girls was Malala Yousafzai.

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Disruptive Innovation: Why the Academy Never Saw It Coming

The Chronicle of Higher Education features a provocative opinion piece entitled “Moving at the Speed of Academe.” It is penned by John Kilbourne, who is a professor of movement science at Grand Valley State University.

Kilbourne argues for decentralizing academic decision-making. He writes:

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Ideas for Leaders: Food For Thought (A Business Education in 20 Courses)

Here’s a big statement to start your day:

A dinner at Chicago’s Alinea restaurant should be obligatory for every major executive in America.

Here’s why.

I’m no “foodie,” but a 35-year business career has taken me to some of the finest food emporiums all over the globe.

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Education Management & Leadership

Get connected, exchange insight and get inspiration across borders!

Welcome to this open forum for managers and leaders from the education sector. Private or public, US. or international, it really doesn't matter. Here you can get connected and exchange knowledge with other education managers and leaders across borders. You might be amazed how much you have in common with others in different countries or school types.

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Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership

Participating in the Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership ( takes you on a personal and professional journey offering a safe environment in which to learn, reflect and practice the art of leadership. The program offers the opportunity to dialog and work, in an intimate setting, with a small cohort and a diverse faculty of inspirational, passionate thought leaders who bring a rich combination of practical experience and extensive academic research to the class.

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Podcast: Daniel Goleman interviews George Lucas

Just stumbled upon a strange site called More Than Sound that seems to belong to the emotional intelligence author Daniel Goleman (get a designer in, Daniel: it looks like a homemade site).

In the site, Goleman has conversations with leading lights in different disciplines on the importance of emotion in their area of work. Film-maker George Lucas, in this three minute snippet (below), says communication now takes place as a multi-media experience for young people (not just words) and we have to teach it that way.

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School of Rock

Here is the video clip of the 'School of Rock' event I facilitated, covered by BBC Breakfast News Click on Ready to Rock video


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BBC Breakfast News Friday 06 Sept

It very much looks like the 'School of Rock' Event we did for the Primary School will be broadcast on Friday 06 Sept am.  David Sillito, BBC arts correspondant was impressed so he thinks he will 'promote' the package to the top of the bill at the end of the week.

 A picture from the event is attached.