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5 Things Chipotle Can Teach Your Company

Everyone’s all atwitter about Chipotle right now. Why? Because they’re redefining the fast-casual food industry with organic ingredients, sustainably farmed food, and a fresh, new way of managing people. Even those of us who work outside the hospitality industry can learn a few things from their success:

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Employee Engagement Surveys: Junk Science or Useful Tool?

Workpplace Surveys


How many times have you filled out an employee questionnaire at work, dutifully responding to questions ranging from training and development opportunities to communication to teamwork to leadership?

And then what happened in the following months?

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I'm in Charge Round Here. The Leadership Philosophy of Harry Bateman. Aged 2 3/4

In this blog I take insipration from small things said or done by my toddler son, and apply them to the world of leadership, engagement and work. Just to see what happens.  I like crashing things together just to see what happens. Hope you like it.


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Are You on the Employee Engagement Bus?


We’re all well aware that the economy has changed rapidly in the past decade. The job market has gone through major convulsions since 2008, and the sad part is that the expected recovery has been anemic at best. Workers are feeling used, abused and unappreciated. Employee assistance programs (EAP) are thriving. Stress is in the stratosphere, wellness is in the tank and suicides are on the rise.

Employee disengagement is the consequence.

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Are YOU an Owner in Your Corporate Retreat? From Numbness to Engagement

Your eyes are glazing over, head slumping dangerously closer to the table, upon which lie scattered papers. The coffee’s terrible, as are the fat-laden muffins and pastries.

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On zombies... or... in defense of silly

This Halloween, one of the call centers I support sent me an awesome pic, reps everywhere dressed as zombies... Awesome costumes, big fun... And I already knew the tag line..."best results in months."  Of course.

The thing is, I come from a long lineage of leveraging costumes as a leadership methodology. Okay... Maybe that is an exaggeration... But I do have awesome (and apparently inspiring) memories of my dad dressing up every Halloween at work as his current project... wackiest of which was "date a warehouse" (data warehouse)... You get the picture...

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Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual

Employee Engagement seminar - 4th Annual  

Barcelona, 1st & 2nd February 

Exclusive Speaker Panel:

David MacLeod & Nita Clarke -

Authors of the "MacLeod report - Engaging for Success" commissioned by the

British Government (Secretary of State for Business) and Part of the "Employee Engagement Task Force".