How Bad Leadership Destroys Trust and Hope

Sometimes it takes a totally unplanned encounter to have the light bulb go off in your head.

The Sissy Society

I was prompted to write this post on August 30 when I watched the nightly CBS evening news. One of the topics was the anxiety that students, parents and teachers are experiencing as the new school year approaches.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Leadership Lessons to Redefine Your Thinking

I remember hearing about an incredible leader in the U.S. Navy over a decade ago. This guy was a mere commander, in charge of 310 sailors on a new guided missile destroyer, yet he radically changed many Navy policies and practices during his command.

The VISION Thing

We hear a lot about how important it

The Heart and the Fist: Book Review on Leadership

Every once in a while you come across someone who captivates your attention An individual who has something of substance to share with the world. A person who displays a high level of intelligence, humbleness, compassion and toughness. These types of people are few and far between.

Power With Vs. Power Over: Where Do YOU Stand?

PowerDo you like to be told what to do, to be given orders without being allowed the opportunity to contribute your ideas?



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