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Two truths and some startling empowerment stats

I like Alan Zimmerman's Tuesday Tips. He sells his products hard, but the tips and his writings contain some gems of insight.

These two, from his most recent book, are gems:

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Absence of a Sense of Belonging in Organizations

Employees tend to stay in organizations where they are able to be involved and empowered; where the organization is attuned to, and shares in their values, and allows them to participate in a larger system that provides meaning to their lives. As employees can no longer depend on the organization for a sense of belonging, their sense of security must come from other places, in order for them to remain in the work setting and thrive.

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How Bad Leadership Destroys Trust and Hope

Sometimes it takes a totally unplanned encounter to have the light bulb go off in your head.

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The Rise of Tiger Business Women

At present rates, it will take about 150 years before women and men are equally likely to reach middle management. And a century and a half is an eyeblink compared with the eternity it would take to achieve this benchmark in senior management.

TigerTiger Business Women.


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The Sissy Society

I was prompted to write this post on August 30 when I watched the nightly CBS evening news. One of the topics was the anxiety that students, parents and teachers are experiencing as the new school year approaches.

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Work Hard, Play Hard: Leadership Lessons to Redefine Your Thinking

I remember hearing about an incredible leader in the U.S. Navy over a decade ago. This guy was a mere commander, in charge of 310 sailors on a new guided missile destroyer, yet he radically changed many Navy policies and practices during his command.

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The Power of Shared Leadership

Coincidence is everything.

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The VISION Thing

We hear a lot about how important it