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The Dancing Street Cleaner: Is your view of 'productivity' too narrow and lacking imagination?

We showed this video to a company once and one of their HR people said "Doesn't seem to do much for his productivity!". And there, dear reader/viewer, is the problem in how large organizations think about productivity. This guy had taken a dull job and turned it into entertainment (without necessarily intending to). Look at the effect he has on other people (they film him and put him on YouTube for one - or they did till he left and went back to Poland, where he's from).

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Entertain Me: One minute teamwork video

This is just good fun, and it's only a minute. The power of teamwork...Click on the triangular play button.


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The Leadership Puppets (video)

Er, don't watch all of it: it'll drive you crazy. All I can say is WTF???!!!??? Who thought this was a good idea??????? Give it a minute or two to load, then the blank space below this should disappear. I never did like that John C. Maxwell book much, anyway....