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Video Funny: President Obama. Or is it?

The best leaders use humor / humour as part of how they lead.

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Richard Branson Shares A Joke (Video)

This is shared by Richard Branson in his blog, which features in The Leadership Hub Daily. You can subscribe to the Daily by clicking on it top right of this page (See the masthead above). Branson famously enjoys practical jokes with his employees. You can tell, from his choice of video joke...

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The right word!

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. - Mark Twain US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)

Just joined the Hub and will be lurking, to the best of my ability given the short amount of free time I will have. As I discover more I will join various groups and start to engage with others so far so good!

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Procrastination? I'll deal with that later (funny video)

This reminds me of one of the rules of how to fail as a leader: "Your next decision may be your first". Also, we all do this, don't we? Eliminating much of this kind of mental 'idling' is the key to getting things done. BUT, just to be contrarian, can I remind you of the value of staring out the window and THINKING sometimes. We live in an instant communication world today, and tend to make fast decisions just to keep up. When you have the time to think more deeply before deciding, DO. In the meantime, get on with your stuff! :)  Phil Dourado

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NEW Funny Video: How to tie your shoes

Well, it's funny, but also with a serious learning point for organizational improvement: leaders get people (including themselves) to think about and question everything they do, rather than rely on organizational habit, and to look for improvements everywhere. This form of continuous improvement can deliver the many small differences that set your organization apart from the competition.

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Don't Break the Elastic - Maya Angelou

I watch with interest how people behave and respond in certain situations.   Trivial things can often send people into a tail spin.   It may just be me but I see more and more people ‘flare up’ over what in reality is a small thing.   I see this within my own family and it is such a waste of energy and it creates

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Monday funny: Tough interview (cartoon)

Re the recent post in The Hub quoting Daniel Goleman on how CEOs mostly get sacked because of lack of EQ/Emotional Intelligence, not lack of IQ... 

Tough Interview

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