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Gen Y Should Give Us Hope: It’s About Self-Empowerment

Young People


Society, for whatever reason, has traditionally looked at youth as pampered, lazy and possessing no goal in life.

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Are You a Quick Change Artist?

Do you like the status quo? Where you can maintain your routine at work, keep the co-workers you like, as well as a boss? If you answered yes then I have a surprise for you: you’re living on some distant planet.

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Leaders? We don't need no stinking leaders!

This reminded me of how young people see corporate leadership, as quoted in The Kids Are Alright, which is all about how the gamer generation are changing the workplace. "Leaders? We don't need no stinking leaders" is the chapter heading in the book that this brought to mind.

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Career Shift: From Peace ‘n Love to a Dog-Eat-Dog Job Market

When the Occupy Movement’s battle lines were drawn, it wasn’t just the 99 per cent against the one. Another popular matchup was that of the baby boomers versus ‘the screwed generation.’ The only trouble with that one? It’s complete fiction.- The Ottawa Citizen (Headline to Robert Wright’s column Generation Lie)

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Instant Pudding Learning and Multitasking: A Leadership Challenge

If you ask me anything I don’t know, I’m not going to answer.
– Yogi Berra (former New York Yankees manager)