The Anti-Minimum Wage Con Job Argument

Fast Food Worker


This is not a post about leadership, or at least directly. It’s about people who work their butts off but who have become the disenfranchised, the contemporary version of 19th Century France when abused workers revolted.

Are You Booing or Cheering for Your CEO?


Dateline: Summer 1941he troops weren’t happy with the country’s leadership.

Command and Control Leadership Is Alive and Well


Here’s a skill-testing question:

Do you like being controlled by your boss? Not having any input into decisions, being told what to do and being kept in the dark, like some form of exotic mushroom?

Are You on the Employee Engagement Bus?


We’re all well aware that the economy has changed rapidly in the past decade. The job market has gone through major convulsions since 2008, and the sad part is that the expected recovery has been anemic at best. Workers are feeling used, abused and unappreciated. Employee assistance programs (EAP) are thriving. Stress is in the stratosphere, wellness is in the tank and suicides are on the rise.

Employee disengagement is the consequence.

Bound Together

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

Book cover - Bound Together


Are You a Green Leader?

There’s nothing like an extended period of weak economic growth following a nasty recession to subdue environmental initiatives.


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