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Why Do We Set Goals?

Thank you Kevin Eikenberry for bringing this to the forefront of my reflections.

Organizing brings peace of mind. Organizing my desk is my first step to inner peace.

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Setting Goals

fast goalAt this time of year we start to think about our goals for the next year, even if it’s just our New Years Resolutions, these are still goals that we set for ourselves.

When it comes to achieving goals it is always best if we take a FAST approach.

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Setting Smarter Goals

One of the key areas of performance is the ability to set and achieve goals. Goal setting is therefore a fundamental component of this. However many people don’t set good goals and therefore don’t achieve their full potential. This guide gives the basic of setting SMARTER goals. The SMART goal model is very widely used in business so you may have come across it before - hopefully this guide can put a little meat on the acronym bones.

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Trying to Pursue Many Different Directions at Once? Guest Post by Derek Sivers

I’m very pleased to welcome back blogger and provocative thinker Derek Sivers to share his newest post. I was struck by the many inherent messages contained with Derek’s commentary. Whether it has to do with personal balance, goal-setting, wellness or organizational leadership, Derek’s post comes at a time when society is facing growing challenges and pressures.

Please take a moment to share a comment or experience.

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15 Minute Challenge

In her book, Ballsy: 99 Ways to Grow a Bigger Pair and Score Extreme Business Success, Karen Salmansohn's tip number ninety-eight is as follows...