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The Art (NOT Science) of Management–and its Cousin Leadership



It seems that a number of people want to be scientists, or at least in the sense of ostensibly adding credibility to their respective field of work. Economists (of which I’ve been a practitioner since 1982) and those in the leadership field (yours truly since the early nineties) covet the science moniker. Adding the word “science” adds a certain cachet to one’s profession.

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Are We There Yet? More on the Leadership-Management Debate


How can you think and hit at the same time?
– Yogi Berra


Part one of this post took a provocative stance on the leadership-management definition debate, leaving it to you to start some thinking.

My promise holds: no definitions of leadership in these two posts, just a lot of questions, supplemented by the eclectic views of some renowned thinkers.

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Are You Numb from the Leadership-Management Debate?


I’d like to thank you for your loyal followership over the past three and a half years. The blogosphere is full of leadership blogs, and which continues to grow. To celebrate my 300th post on WordPress, the premier blogging platform on the planet, I’m sharing with you some thoughts on the leadership-management debate. This post introduces the debate, with the second part probing into it. Please take a moment to add your views.

Thanks again for your readership… Jim

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Ideas for Leaders: Mintzberg’s Better Way to Do Corporate Strategy

A few months ago I devoted my column to a discussion about the differences between Michael Porter’s concepts of “deliberate strategy” versus Henry Mintzberg’s “emergent strategy.” As much as I had relied on Porter to guide my own career at IBM, and at Oxford and LBS, my new conclusion is that the world is no longer dependable, consistent, or predictable enough for leader

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Are YOU a Manager or a Leader? Making Sense of It with Henry Mintzberg’s Help

One of the brighter lights in the management/leadership literature is Henry Mintzberg, Cleghorn professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal. Mintzberg is one of my top three favorite thinkers and writers in this field. His grounded approach to the practice of management, based on three decades of empirical research, combined with his teaching and the authoring of 15 books, make him one of the world’s leading authorities.

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Re-inventing management: what happened in Half Moon Bay a week or two ago

Five steps to re-invent management and leadership

We once home swapped with some people who live in Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco. The small town goes by the proud title of "Pumpkin-Growing Capital of The World", which means they must be doing good business in the run up to Hallowe'en right now.