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You Can't Make Decisions from the Top Anymore

Do the words 'Leadership' and 'Hierarchy' no longer apply to each other? Dan Oestreich thinks so.

"In past models, a manager or team of people might propose a change, but the change must be “approved” before implementation. The approver is separate and distant from the change and its design, and only gives a thumbs up or down response based on his/her personal judgment, biases and agendas.

In my experience, this approval based approach is what alters everything that happens.

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How to Lead When You're Not the Boss

In flatter hierarchies, people may be leading cross-departmental project teams at certain times, though their organizational structure gives them no formal authority.

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The end of hierachy. And what that means for leadership

Phil Dourado asked me to post this as he is too much of a techno-idiot ;0)