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Sukhwant Bal: The Three Hs of High Performance: Hands, Head, Heart

I love this, from Sukhwant Bal's '100 Watt Coaching' website:

Managers Tip from Sukhwant Bal


To achieve high performance consistently requires focus on three main facets.

Hands: what people deliver. Is it to the right quality and the right standards?

Head: are individuals thinking ahead, working around problems and using their judgement?

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The Art of Motivation: Harvard's 'powerful new model'

Motivation and High Performance

Harvard Business Review's 'summer reading' (their big summer edition) has a big piece on motivation. Timely, as motivation can dip drastically in a downturn, with employees worried about their finances, their job and the future.

The piece draws on the trendy 'neuroscience of leadership' - using MRI scanners to see which areas of the brain light up to show activity and engagement - and says that there are four key drivers of motivation:

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Inspire Me: Ben Zander on 'Do their (and your) eyes shine?'

There was a survey of happiness at work. Orchestra members came second from the bottom, just above prison guards. Chamber musicians came top. What's the difference between chamber musicians and orchestra musicians?

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Performance @ Work - Introducing Quality Principles

What is required to establish and lead a high performance culture in a regional environment? What are the tools and techniques that work?

I have long been an advocate of cultural change and have a number of years experience in leading activities in multi-national organisations. I am currently embarking on three initiatives within my current organisation to deliver a sustainable high performance culture. My objectives are

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Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Hi all,

My name is Peter Cook and I have started this group entitled ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’, based on my book of the same name. Now that I have your attention through an attention grabbing title, let me explain more. The group aims to explore specific questions around music and leadership for which I hope there will be many opinions rather than single ‘answers’ in the hope that this will stimulate some ‘best fit’ thinking for your own personal and organisation development.

Here's some starter provocations:

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You are the Machine

Hmmm, machines as an extension of us are part of the new convergence theory. Convergence used to mean IT and Telecomms merging but that's old hat now. Today it means humans merging with machines - light sensitive chips being inserted into the back of the eye so that blind people can see, that sort of thing.

One of the proponents of the gradual merging of human and machine is Stephen Hawkins (yes, that Stephen Hawkins) and you can see how he would lean to this view, given his own use of machines to maintain mobility and to communicate.