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Been There, Run That: Women in Leadership

Been There Run That Book Cover Kay Koplovitz has certainly been there and run that. The founder of USA Network in 1977, she was the first woman to lead a television network. Her success as the head of USA Network was demonstrated by its 13 year run as the number one ranked cable network in prime time.

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Leading Mistakes... The Accidental Innovator

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2009

In this Leading Mistakes clip, Phil Dourado talks about innovation and introduces the concept of happy accidents -- the process of arriving at useful innovations outside the normal product development channels.

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Discover Your Leadership Trail

400th Post on WordPress!


Jim Grand Manan Trail


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The Payoff from Sharing Power

Shared Power 2


Sometimes we’re reading something. Anything: a magazine, a book or an online article. And then we have what I’ll call a brain fart. An idea pops into our mind, only to stay there for a while, waiting to be exploited, beckoning us in increasing urgency to check it out before it disappears for eternity.

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The Myths of Creativity: Book Review



What do the words “creativity” and “innovation” mean to you?


Do you imagine a Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd character, bursting forth with spontaneous ideas? Or perhaps you think of a Steve Jobs, obsessing over every detail, a perfectionist who could be exceedingly hard on his employees. Or maybe you envisage a team crammed into a meeting room brainstorming ideas.

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Do it Right…and They Will Come: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Harpswell InnThe road was really narrow and winding–with plenty of hills. Sue was vigilantly looking for the sign which was supposed to say “Lookout Point Road.” Our Google enlarged printed map was of limited use. Finally we saw the turn on a curve, drove 100 yards down the side-road, and there it was: a magnificent historic inn, dating back to 1761.

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So You Want to be Rich and Famous? Stop Fantasizing!

Rich GuyOkay folks, be forewarned that this post is a bit of a rant. However, it’s written through the leadership lens of self-empowerment.

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Small is Beautiful: Lessons in How to Destroy Creativity and Innovation

Folk Fest 1I like small; I typically detest big. With the latter come replication, sameness and boredom. Yawn. Just visit a typical North American mall.

Do you prefer to find something unique, which doesn’t exist elsewhere?

Avoid malls as a start. I do–with a passion.