Is Your Innovation Strategy Aligned with Your Culture?

Step back for a moment and take an objective look at your company. Then answer these three questions:

1) Is it performing at a high level when it comes to creating innovative products or services for its customers?

Marion Janner on Frugal Innovation - Leaders should disrupt how we 'do' innovation

Getting innovation 'done' in large organizations is a nightmare. Here, Hub member Marion Janner points out how local 'ingenuity' can be harnessed. I like 'ingenuity' rather than 'innnovation', as a whole industry has grown up around large company 'innovation', with processes. rules, procedures etc. All of which might be necessary, but, which snuff out many locally-developed ideas or practices in the process. Let people experiment. See what happens. Scale it up if it works. Phil Dourado 

Here's what Marion learnt...


Video blog: Leading Mistakes & Drawing the Face of God

If the space below is blank, it may take a minute for the embedded video to load from YouTube. It's a clip on how to lead for innovation, creativity...and mistakes! Leaders frown on mistakes and failure. Fear of making mistakes or failing then freezes creativity, as people stay within their comfort zone and don't take chances. Here's a partial antidote (if you are reading this within Phil Dourado's 'My Page', click on 'read full post' or whatever the link below says, to get to the video blog clip:

To Cluster or Not to Cluster Isn’t the Issue: It’s about Leadership

The world economy is in a competitive street-fight, with a no-holds-barred struggle for market share, and indeed for supremacy within a market.

Are You an Early Adopter? Ready to Kick Some Butt?

No, I’m not talking about technology (or even innovation) in this post, which is what being an Early Adopter is usually intended.

Little Bets

Innovation Breeds Innovation

I was watching Top Gear the other night, not on DAVE I might add….one of the new series and the team were evaluating and putting electric cars through their paces. I use the word pace lightly :)


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