INNOVATE, Or Die! Why Results-based Visionary Leadership is America’s Solution

From Changing Winds

I’m a human sponge when it comes to trying to understand what’s taking place in the world. I’m especially interested in competitiveness issues and where leadership AND management fit in as essential cornerstones to enabling companies to thrive in uncertainty and volatility. I try to synthesize what I read, integrating it with my work and life experiences.

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy and Seth Godin: Are You a Conformist?

From Changing Winds

Today’s post is a bit of a curveball. I’m tying together the ideas from a great You-Tube video and Seth Godin’s newest book, and hopefully at the end you’ll feel inspired and ready to practice your own leadership at work, in your community and at home.

IDEAS FOR LEADERS: Strategic Opportunites Do Not Knock at the Door

An original post from: Max Garfinkle

Opportunities need to be recognized.

Leaders in management have to be skilled in searching for strategic opportunities, those that can contribute to the continuity and long-term success of their enterprise.


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