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Little Bets

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Innovation Breeds Innovation

I was watching Top Gear the other night, not on DAVE I might add….one of the new series and the team were evaluating and putting electric cars through their paces. I use the word pace lightly :)

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Leading for Success: How to Create a Culture of Innovation by Following 10 Leadership Behaviors

Sony Walkman SportsThe marketplace is exceedingly brutal. What was technologically exciting a few years ago is now mundane. Some 20 years ago the Sony Walkman was seen as the epitome of cool. For guys like me, we went with clones since Walkmans were too expensive.

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INNOVATE, Or Die! Why Results-based Visionary Leadership is America’s Solution

From Changing Winds

I’m a human sponge when it comes to trying to understand what’s taking place in the world. I’m especially interested in competitiveness issues and where leadership AND management fit in as essential cornerstones to enabling companies to thrive in uncertainty and volatility. I try to synthesize what I read, integrating it with my work and life experiences.