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Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy and Seth Godin: Are You a Conformist?

From Changing Winds

Today’s post is a bit of a curveball. I’m tying together the ideas from a great You-Tube video and Seth Godin’s newest book, and hopefully at the end you’ll feel inspired and ready to practice your own leadership at work, in your community and at home.

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IDEAS FOR LEADERS: Strategic Opportunites Do Not Knock at the Door

An original post from: Max Garfinkle

Opportunities need to be recognized.

Leaders in management have to be skilled in searching for strategic opportunities, those that can contribute to the continuity and long-term success of their enterprise.

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Ideas for Leaders: There Will be Blood

Why do so many companies struggle with Digital Marketing, the Internet and the mobile platform?

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Innovation Through Leadership: It’s Time for a Moon Shot! (Free e-gift)


The commercial storm leaves its path strewn with ruin. When it is over, there is calm, but a dull heavy calm. (Afred Marshall, British economist, 1842-1924)

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The dancing roadsweeper

The Architect writes: This guy in the clip (below) is real. He used to work for Hounslow Council in Chiswick, West London and used to dance past the bookshop my wife worked in. See Phil's commentary, below the clip, once you've watched it, for a serious leadership learning point.

In case your company blocks YouTube at work (the space below will be blank if that is the case) here's a link to just one of the YouTube clips of Ziggy, Chiswick's dancing street cleaner, that you can email to yourself to watch somewhere else.

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Water from thin air: how to conjure up the stuff of life out of nothing

I love stuff that just makes us think differently about how to take the lead in solving the world's problems. The inventors of this (below) did it for commercial reasons. But, all technology gets cheaper and cheaper, so it may one day have wider applications where people need water (until then, there's always WaterAid, if you want to help for a few cents a day). 

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Leadership Book of The Week: Fast Second: How Smart companies bypass radical innovation

Which company created on-line bookselling in the 1990s? Nope. The first on-line bookstore was set up by an Ohio-based bookseller named Charles Stack in 1991. Jeff Bezos didn’t launch Amazon till four years later.

We’re constantly being told that leaders need to foster a culture of innovation, to move into Blue Ocean spaces where no competitors exist, then profit from the customers before our competitors copy us and move into the space we have created.