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My favourite Jack Welch story: When Jack Blew Up The Plant

One of the first things Jack Welch did as a 24-year-old manager of a GE plant was blow up the part of the plant he was responsible for.

The head of the plant called him to his office to explain.

Welch, assuming this was the end of his managerial career, duly explained that he was experimenting with a different mixture from the standard one and it had caused an explosion. The plant boss probed further, asking him why and what he had hoped to achieve.

Satisfied that Welch had

a) learnt a lesson from the experiment and

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Website I like: Mental Floss

I like some of the blogs in this website as they approach the world from an odd angle, which is good stimulation for getting your brain to think differently and innovatively. And it's entertaining at the same time.



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Be Inspired: The ibot. The wheelchair that stands up and climbs stairs

If leadership is partly about freeing people from limitations so they can go onto become leaders, too, this is inspiring: Johnson& Johnson's iBot, which re-invents the wheelchair into something else: it allows you to climb stairs, play basketball, talk to people at eye level, go wherever you want to go.

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To live a creative life...

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

We need to rethink failure - in ourselves and the people we work with and aspire to lead.

'No mistakes' does not equal success. Absence of failure is not success.

Too often, no mistakes simply means not trying new things, a lack of creativity, a lack of leadership in stretching people into new, untested territory.

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Tom Peters says Innovation is Easy

You can buy a full DVD of Tom Peters in action, from which this clip is extracted, here:

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Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Hi all,

My name is Peter Cook and I have started this group entitled ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’, based on my book of the same name. Now that I have your attention through an attention grabbing title, let me explain more. The group aims to explore specific questions around music and leadership for which I hope there will be many opinions rather than single ‘answers’ in the hope that this will stimulate some ‘best fit’ thinking for your own personal and organisation development.

Here's some starter provocations:

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The head, heart, soul of leadership and rock'n'roll

“Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll – Can life be that simple?”

“Not really. You need to know why you’re doing what you do as well.”

“So, does Leadership benefit from an MBA?”

“Yes, but no. You need attitude and soul as well …”

“So, is the secret of leadership not only technique but also attitude?”

“Er, definitely maybe …”

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How to Innovate

You want customers to find you memorable, right? Then you need to lead in a way that frees your people up to use their imagination and innovate. There are hundreds of guitarists who have posted videos of themselves on YouTube. This guy is the only one who has had over one million views. Look closely and you'll see why.