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Don't Make People Feel Average

I was approached by an employee from another division in my compnay yesterday.  They wanted talk as they were extremely downheartened as a result of a less than motivational appraisal they had received.  I could understand why they felt as they did. 

It reminded of a presentation by Allan Leighton (ex Chairman of British Post and current Chairman of Pace Technology) to the Leaders in London on the subject of appraisals and leadership.   I think this is brillant and the message an extremely powerful one.

Hope you enjoy it as well. 

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Leadership is not about command and control, but about creating and allowing the conditions for a better future to happen

The days of command and control (and coercion)management styles are over (and if not yet, they soonest should be!). No measure of pressure from the outsidewill ever attract anyone to happily volunteer one’s very best on a consistentbasis. The “utilitarisation” of people as “assets” or “commodities” is unlikelyto ever inspire anyone with some self-esteem and human dignity to give the bestof oneself.