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Tips to Help You Adapt to Continuous Change

Are you getting fed up or frustrated with continuous change?

Do you just want the world to stop, however briefly, to let you get a breather?

Have you thought about how to deal with the urgency mindset in your workplace?

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How to Unlock the Hidden Knowledge in Your Organization


Are you fed up watching talented co-workers walk out the door–regardless of reason–taking valuable knowledge with them?

No, I’m not talking theft of intellectual or physical property; I’m referring to what’s called tacit knowledge, the stuff that resides between our two ears: the know-how, contacts and vast amounts of synthesized information we’re processed over time.

In contrast, explicit knowledge is information that’s been gathered, documented and codified, such as in corporate databases, manuals, reports, etc.

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The 6 Inner Leadership Selves

Being a leader, in whatever capacity, is not a one dimensional affair.