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Tell the Truth. Always

pinocchioIn Canada, the problem of lying and deception by prominent leaders is skewed into the political sphere. The United States, in contrast, is more of an equal opportunity employer, with an abundance of dishonest corporate and political leaders at all levels of government: municipal, state and federal.


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Leading in a Multipolar World: Four Forces Shaping Society

Leading in Multipolar World 2nd editionWhen I released the first edition of this ebook just a few years ago, society had been through numerous upheavals in the span of less than a decade.

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Another Year Comes to a Close: Giving Our Thanks

Another year has come and gone. During the past 12 months we’ve witnessed atrocities of staggering proportions in some countries (Syria comes to mind, with over 100,000 civilians killed); the man-made disaster in Lac Megantic, Quebec, caused by a run-away, fuel-laden train which devastated the town’s center; and the enormous damage and deaths caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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Are You a BEST Leader at Customer Service? Get Your Feet Burnt!

BEST PostCustomer (client) service is in the dumps with most companies and publicly funded organizations. We all have our favorite stories of horrendous customer service.

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A Big (Obvious) Idea for Leadership–There Are NO Experts!


What is leadership about?

I Googled that exact phrase recently and received 1,040,000,000 results.

Not too shabby. Looks like I have some reading to do.

More seriously, we seem to be collectively caught in a never-ending pursuit of what is leadership, comprising such questions as:


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Leadership Mumbo Jumbo: Are You Communicating Clearly to Your Followers?

Have you ever completed a task at work,  , thinking you did it well, only to be told by your boss that you screwed it up?


Worse, what about managing a project, when well into it you find out that your boss had another vision of what you were to be doing? Now you have to talk to your team to give them the “news.”

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What do Great Leaders know about Emotions, that you should learn as well....

Up from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

I have always thought that showing or simply having emotions was a weakness that needed to be controlled, crushed or suppress. But what if I told you that your emotions were not an obstacle to success but a critical ingredient in your success and can help you increase your income beyond your dream?

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Real Leaders Don’t Have the Attention Spans of Squirrels

How many times have you been talking to your boss when their wireless rings and they grab for it wildly, have a short chat then back to you, only then to be diverted by anothe

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The Leadership Myth

Billions of dollars have been wasted by businesses in the teaching of leadership, generally in stopping most people from learning true business skills in favor of teaching them that their bosses are, like the Catholic Popes of old, infallible.

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Are You a Hard-To-Read Boss?

When it comes to bosses, over the decades, I have worked for/observed a whole bunch.   I think the hard-to-read bosses are the most troublesome.  They come in three varieties:

Only Positive – You know you aren’t perfect, so how come this boss won’t tell you how you can improve, or what didn’t go well in that last project.  Then, when performance appraisal time comes, this is the boss who constantly delays and eventually skips giving you one.  On one hand, it is nice to never be criticized, but you know you are missing some personal development insights.