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Been There, Run That: Women in Leadership

Been There Run That Book Cover Kay Koplovitz has certainly been there and run that. The founder of USA Network in 1977, she was the first woman to lead a television network. Her success as the head of USA Network was demonstrated by its 13 year run as the number one ranked cable network in prime time.

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What is Your Mission?

purposeEach of us as mere mortals, existing on a 4.5 billion year-old planet in a speck of planetary time, needs to have a sense of purpose and contribution to our lives. It connects to leadership. Without contribution and purpose, we risk travelling through our short lifetimes as hitchhikers on a gorgeous Earth.


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Creating Win-Win through Interpersonal Leadership

Happy Business TeamHow often have you felt that you’ve been in a win-lose situation at work, and where you were on the losing end?


Wow, more hands than expected shot up.

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Automate Your Personal Life- Focus on Leadership Part 2

Whether we realize it or not we are all leaders even if it is only of our own lives. In another article, I talk about the importance of automating your business to focus on leadership in your organization. This article will focus on how to automate parts of your personal life to focus on the more important things. I am not saying get a special remote to fast forward your life like Adam Sandler’s Click.

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Target’s Huge Fall and Exit from Canada: Five Leadership Lessons

Wile CoyoteThere’s no question, or doubt, that reaching the pinnacle of a top leadership job in the corporate world, or the public sector for that matter, is for the most part something of which to be proud. Leading organizations in today’s volatile global economy and geo-political roller coaster of non-stop events is definitely not for the squeamish.