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Discover Your Inner Leader: Reflections to Inspire and Motivate

Book Cover1) Do you hesitate to make decisions and second guess the ones you do make?


2) Do you question your ability to motivate others and to create a team climate?

3) Do you worry that others have more talent than you?

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Building a High Trust Workplace: Today’s Strategic Competitive Asset

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Think of a time when you worked with a group of great people, where trust prevailed, where your leader had earned a followership and where everyone worked towards the same vision. It doesn’t have to have been paid work; community service counts, too.


No luck?

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Know Fear as a Leader

Woman in FearTo say that the workplace has changed a lot in the past decade, with more changes imminent, should not come as a surprise to most people. It’s almost become a trite statement to talk about the rapid changes that organizations have undergone. People – managers and staff – know this. They live it every day at work and in their personal lives.

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The Elusiveness of Leadership

Guy JumpingWhen your correspondent entered the leadership field in the early nineties, not long after starting work as a middle manager, the economy was rebounding from a recession and a new buzz around leadership was emerging.

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Following in Order to Lead

Leadership invokes visions of hierarchy. In reality, it requires qualities that go beyond just holding power. Many organizations emphasize authority without also introducing qualities like empathy, understanding, and adaptation. These are proving to hold greater importance for companies who wish to retain the best talent.

For that reason, becoming a good follower is the first step to learning how to lead well. This becomes clear when you first consider what people seek in leaders and how that relates to interaction with your current manager.

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Should Work-Life Integration Replace Work-Life Balance?

Work-Life-Balance-Sign-postPeople have a love for fads, whether it was the Hula Hoop in the late fifties, the big hair bands of the 80s or the moon shoes of the nineties. When it comes to workplace issues, we become enthralled with new ideas which often get blindly adopted without first thinking through the implications.

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New Book - "The Facts of Life Regarding Management"

"The Facts of Life Regarding Management" provides common sense approachBRYCE'S "THE FACTS OF LIFE REGARDING MANAGEMENT" PROVIDES COMMON SENSE APPROACHhttp://www.phmainstreet.com/mba/sense.htm#mgmt

I've just written a new book entitled, "The Facts of Life Regarding Management," which provides a common sense approach for management, leadership, corporate culture, and much more.  Available in paper and eBook (Kindle) formats.  I hope you find it useful.