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Five Tips To Help Lead Under Stress

Stress is part of Leadership

Rarely does leadership come under ideal or textbook conditions. Leadership by its very nature can be a daunting and scary proposition. 

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Smartphone = Dumbphone?


Here are some facts to get you thinking:

• The average American spends two months of his/her waking year online

• The 4 major screens that occupy our time: laptop, TV, smartphone, tablet

• By the end of 2011, over half of Americans had a smartphone

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The Music of Leadership

Interview with Ask Europe - a major business consultancy

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women and leadership

Friends - I am writing a book which I am calling "You Lead Like a Girl". The chapter I'm trying to birth at the moment is about the process of becoming comfortable in your own leadership skin. I'm trying to collect stories and insights on how this process is both similar and different for men and women. Can I get some conversation going on this topic? For both men and women - How long did it take you to feel comfortable in your own skin as a leader? In what ways have you imitated others along the way and at what point did you really find your own voice?

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Earliest thoughts on leadership

Hmm. I've thought a lot about leadership in relation to my Star Wards work, but not in terms of me as a leader. I've identified more as a catalyst and convenor and uber-networker. But I guess I am the leader, if leadership means some combination of identifying priorities, motivating people, working out strategy and implementing plans to achieve the objectives.