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Gen Y Should Give Us Hope: It’s About Self-Empowerment

Young People


Society, for whatever reason, has traditionally looked at youth as pampered, lazy and possessing no goal in life.

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Turning Learning Upside Down the Khan Way

Khan 1


Salman Khan was working as an analyst at a hedge-fund in Boston in 2006. Being a bit of a math whiz (with four degrees from MIT and Harvard) he had been tutoring family members and relatives. He had an idea and started putting up tutorial videos on You Tube to make learning more flexible for his students.

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The Payoff from Sharing Power

Shared Power 2


Sometimes we’re reading something. Anything: a magazine, a book or an online article. And then we have what I’ll call a brain fart. An idea pops into our mind, only to stay there for a while, waiting to be exploited, beckoning us in increasing urgency to check it out before it disappears for eternity.

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Hope Blooms: Kid Power at Work

Hope Blooms1


Close your eyes and relax.

Picture a leader in your mind.

What do you see?

Now open your eyes.

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Warmth and Competence: The Winning Combination

9781118611319_cover.inddAs human beings we’re constantly sizing up others, trying to determine their motives, whether they’re genuine individuals and what the impact will be on us personally. It comes down to two kinds of judgements that primitive humans used:

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Are You Frozen by Too Much Collaboration and Teamwork?

Workpplace Surveys


So how’s that teamwork coming? Are you and your fellow co-workers doing enough collaborating?

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“Call Me Nick!” Leadership in Running Shoes

Nick 1We were dressed in our splendid attire: wool suits, buffed shoes and combed hair. My peers and I –some 60 middle managers from around the region– were attending a manager’s conference in 1991. We anxiously awaited the arrival of our demi god.

And who might that have been?

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Leadership and the Bottom Line

PVM1A ton has been written over the years on recognizing and rewarding employees. I’m not going to revisit that. We’ve all been there, done that.

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The Myths of Creativity: Book Review



What do the words “creativity” and “innovation” mean to you?


Do you imagine a Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd character, bursting forth with spontaneous ideas? Or perhaps you think of a Steve Jobs, obsessing over every detail, a perfectionist who could be exceedingly hard on his employees. Or maybe you envisage a team crammed into a meeting room brainstorming ideas.