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Working for Wimps? Bolt!

I do some teaching in an MBA program and in chatting with one of the students recently, he indicated that he had worked for two years before returning to school for his MBA. I asked why he resigned to get an MBA. He indicated it was always in his plans, but he originally thought he would work 4 or 5 years before going back to school. When asked why he bolted early, he cited the fact that he was working for a boss who just would not make decisions. Even worse, the boss’s boss was just as bad, and other entry level management folks found the same problems with their bosses.

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Leadership and Management for a Sustainable Future

For years the
business world has acknowledged the fact that employees don’t leave companies,
rather they leave managers.  Managers who
successfully retain talent realize that the organization’s most significant
resource is its people.  They have
shifted their attitude and approach to build strong working relationships that
are productive

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Five Tips To Help Lead Under Stress

Stress is part of Leadership

Rarely does leadership come under ideal or textbook conditions. Leadership by its very nature can be a daunting and scary proposition. 

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Motivation But

motivations butWhen it comes to motivating people we need to focus only on positives messages in order to maximise the impact.

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How to Deal Effectively With Authority Across Cultures

The People Alignment Compass – Part 3

A leaders’ guide to mastering the Essence of People Alignment in today’s business reality.

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CoachPosted on 4 May, 2013 by Gordon Tredgold

Guest Post

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Leading Change: What does Change mean to You?

The other day I heard a senior leader say: “More than ever we live in times of change. Our organization will have to face the fact that what was will disappear. We will have to adjust and reinvent ourselves or we will be pushed aside and others will take our place.”

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No Soup for You! Tales of Amazing Customer Service

Customer ServiceMany, many years ago, when our now four adult kids were wee ones, Sue and I would take the family on adventurous vacations, typically involving tents and sleeping bags. When we look back at those days in the late eighties and early nineties, we scratch our heads and ask whether we were insane. We definitely wouldn’t do it now as older Baby Boomers.

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Redefining possible

Redefining Possible



As leaders one of our roles is to set big, bold, inspiring goals for our teams.