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Are You Frozen by Too Much Collaboration and Teamwork?

Workpplace Surveys


So how’s that teamwork coming? Are you and your fellow co-workers doing enough collaborating?

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“Call Me Nick!” Leadership in Running Shoes

Nick 1We were dressed in our splendid attire: wool suits, buffed shoes and combed hair. My peers and I –some 60 middle managers from around the region– were attending a manager’s conference in 1991. We anxiously awaited the arrival of our demi god.

And who might that have been?

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Leadership and the Bottom Line

PVM1A ton has been written over the years on recognizing and rewarding employees. I’m not going to revisit that. We’ve all been there, done that.

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The Myths of Creativity: Book Review



What do the words “creativity” and “innovation” mean to you?


Do you imagine a Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd character, bursting forth with spontaneous ideas? Or perhaps you think of a Steve Jobs, obsessing over every detail, a perfectionist who could be exceedingly hard on his employees. Or maybe you envisage a team crammed into a meeting room brainstorming ideas.

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Customer Service and the Role of Leadership

Streesed Employee 2You go to the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant. You expect the staff to know what they’re doing, to be efficient, pleasant and to answer your (often) unreasonable or inarticulate requests.

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Into the Storm: A Real-World Lesson on Leadership and Teamwork

Storm 2

Picture yourself in a small 35 foot sailing boat, looking up at waves 80 feet tall, salt spray stinging your face like a sand-blaster.

Your boat goes weightless as you fly off the edge of a wave, crashing down 30 feet into what feels like concrete.

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What Keeps Leaders Up at Night?

Lipkin bookDo you often worry as a leader about your work responsibilities, or how your boss perceives you, or whether your co-workers or direct reports respect you? How do you deal with these thoughts?