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Customer Service and the Role of Leadership

Streesed Employee 2You go to the grocery store, hardware store or a restaurant. You expect the staff to know what they’re doing, to be efficient, pleasant and to answer your (often) unreasonable or inarticulate requests.

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Into the Storm: A Real-World Lesson on Leadership and Teamwork

Storm 2

Picture yourself in a small 35 foot sailing boat, looking up at waves 80 feet tall, salt spray stinging your face like a sand-blaster.

Your boat goes weightless as you fly off the edge of a wave, crashing down 30 feet into what feels like concrete.

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What Keeps Leaders Up at Night?

Lipkin bookDo you often worry as a leader about your work responsibilities, or how your boss perceives you, or whether your co-workers or direct reports respect you? How do you deal with these thoughts?

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Addition through Subtraction

Addition by SubtractionPosted on 19 June, 2013 by Gordon Tredgold

bad apple

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Creating Your Leadership Footprint through the Practice of LESS is MORE

Miles Davis 2We’ve all heard the adage: You can’t over-communicate when you’re in a leadership position.

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One Small Step

one small stepJuly 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped from the lunar module uttering the famous line “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”.

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Are You Booing or Cheering for Your CEO?


Dateline: Summer 1941he troops weren’t happy with the country’s leadership.

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Team Development Initiatives Should Fit Today’s Business Reality

One of the things our work with multinational companies has taught us is the growing importance of cross-team collaboration. For 21st century businesses it has become a vital prerequisite for building success. And this has an impact on the team development initiatives you undertake.

 We see two major evolutions taking place in today’s business reality, which affect team collaboration: