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Phil BuckleyIn this post I’m sharing a book I recently read, along with many of its key highlights and my personal thoughts.

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What if you couldn't fail


One of the questions my coach Julie Starr often asks is “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”.

This is a great question, as it really does make you think and open your mind up to possibilities, rather than failure. It also makes dream feel a little bit closer.

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Happy Under Achiever


Happy Under Achiever

Posted on 6 April, 2013 by Gordon Tredgold

One of the challenges when you have to turn around an underachieving department, is usually the team are unaware that there performance is actually not that great.

In fact, often they are quite happy with their performance, which means this puts them in the “happy under achiever” category.

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Faster, Better, Cheaper is it possible?


There is a saying “Faster, Better, Cheaper pick any two!”

The implication being that it’s not possible to deliver all three together.

This defeatist attitude probably often stops people from even attempting to try, knowing that others that have gone before have failed.

On individual tasks or products, this saying might possibly be true.

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3 Jars, 3000 Pebbles and a Worry Tree




Yesterday I wrote about Work/Life balance and how out of the top 50 moments of my life, not one would be work related.

To be clear, I don’t want to give the impression my Work/Life balance is perfect, far from it, I spend far too much time working and worrying about work related matters.

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If you want to know who to blame, then get a mirror


If you want to know whom to blame, then get a mirror by Gordon Tredgold


If your team is not functioning well, not performing and you want to know where the problem lies, then get a mirror and the person responsible will usually be looking back at you.

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Unlock your potential


Here are 10 simple things that you can do, today,  that will improve your leadership.