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Improving Leadership using Your Whole Brain

Every so often, we see a larger-than-life example of what happens when someone is not working from their whole brain and without knowledge of their Striving Style. Such is the case with Oprah’s OWN network and the current challenges the network, as well as Oprah herself as a leader, are experiencing. Rumors about how the network is failing to thrive and speculation about what Oprah hasn’t done and should be doing seem to be everywhere. However, few comments that I have seen have analyzed the impact of her personality and leadership style on her current state of affairs.

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Excellence in Talent Management Seminar - Dubai 19-20June 2013


Excellence in Talent Management Seminar – Dubai Edition  

 This is a seminar which we have been running for 7 years now. Here is the link to the brochure


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Are You Open to Outcome, and Not Attached to It? Emotional Intelligence, Part Two

EI Locks2In Part One of this three-part series, I introduced the topic of emotional intelligence (EI) and Charles Handy’s Nine Intelligences.

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Middle managers & leadership - part 1: dynamo’s or dinosaurs in your organisation?


Research is ambivalent about the future of middle managers. “New technology itself has become the great general manager,” writes Lynda Gratton (2011, p. 36 ). She’s leading an international research consortium on the ‘future of work’. She announces the end of middle managers: ”Gen Y workers see no value in reporting to someone who simply keeps track of what they do, when much of that can be done by themselves, their peers, or a machine. What they do value is mentoring and coaching from someone they respect.” (p. 36).

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent? EI–The Inner Side of Leadership: Part I

EI Locks1 This is the first of a three-part series on what is called Emotional Intelligence. EI, in its shortened name, first exploded onto the leadership scene in the nineties.

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Aligning Leadership Behavior with Emotional Norms

It is really unfortunate that so many leaders and managers don’t know the value of developing emotional intelligence. My experience working with leaders is that most aren’t even emotionally aware enough to name one when they are having it. Many are still afraid of talking about them as though having an emotion is bad or wrong.  This makes it impossible to harness the energy of their own emotions or those of their employees.

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Leadership and the Inter-Generational Divide: 10 Suggestions for Boomer Managers and Executives


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Boomer managers and executives face some big challenges as they exit the labor market or begin to contemplate retirement, while simultaneously attending to their management responsibilities.