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Leaders in Life

Videos and Articles on Modern and Past Leaders.

Hello! This form is to discuss leaders both in everyday modern life and in the past. I hope that this form can be useful to both business men and women, as well as students and beginning leaders hoping to look towards others for insperation on leading. Any videos (or movies), pictures, newspaper articles, etc. that can be found that will encourage leadership development in others is greatly appreciated when posted on this form.

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Goal setting

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Why am I here.....?


As you might have already guessed avalok is not my given name. It is my pen-name.

Am 52, have managed to remain single in a highly conformist & traditional Indian society.

Not because of any particular reasons or traits. I just wanted to be the "free"est person in the world.

Not easy, right?

I am a seeker...seeking what? ....dunno...may be I am seeking a purpose.

But while meandering through this life of mine,even though I have not found what I actually want , I learnt a few important and useful lessons.

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Life - The Best Teacher

Things I am learning from life...