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7 Reasons Not To Hold A Meeting

coaching teamLeaders need to know not only how to run a good meeting, but also when NOT to hold one.

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How to Prepare for Meetings Quickly and Easily - In 8 Steps

Time is MoneyFor leaders who want to hold successful meetings--rather than feel held up or held hostage by them--here are eight steps to take:

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Listen, Comment, and Win

Just wanted to let you all know that we posted our 200th entry on the “Joe and Wanda on Management Blog.” It’s a podcast with Susan Stamm, author of “42 Rules of Employee Engagement.”

We’re celebrating by offering our readers/listeners an opportunity to win a free gift. Help us celebrate this milestone by listening in to Susan’s Management Tip. Leave a comment and you will be eligible to win a copy of Susan’s book, or a Be Good Ventures T-Shirt featuring Joe and Wanda!

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“Ask More Questions” — Listen to Win a Free T-Shirt

Our very own, Phil Dourado is the guest on this 8 minute Management Tips Podcast. Phil’s tip - Lead by asking questions.

Listen to the podcast, post a comment on the Joe and Wanda on Management Blog, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free Be Good Ventures T-Shirt featuring Joe and Wanda. Three T-Shirts will be awarded. Click here to listen and comment.

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5 Steps For Managing Your Boss

Why do you need to manage your manager, and how do you go about doing it? Invest 8 minutes with Vince Thompson to find out. Click here.

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The 1-3-6 Exercise

 What’s the 1-3-6 Exercise? Listen to The Management Tips Podcast with Dan Coughlin to find out. Click here.

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Communications - The Heart of a Manager’s Job

Wayne Turmel gets to the heart of the matter with his management tip. Listen to the podcast here.

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Management Tips - Phil Gerbyshak - Know Thyself

The first guest in the Management Tips Podcast Series is Phil Gerbyshak. You can tune in here.

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New "Management Tips" Podcast

A new feature is being added to the Joe and Wanda - On Management Blog - a podcast series entitled, Management Tips. Each program Nick McCormick will interview a distinguished guest who will provide a piece of management and/or leadership advice to help management practitioners improve.

We’ve been getting the benefit of Joe and Wanda’s advice for quite some time. Now we’re widening the number of contributors to further enhance the learning experience.

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Book Club: Lead Well And Prosper by Nick McCormick

Lead Well and ProsperHub Member Nick McCormick's book Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Successful Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager, is just 93 pages long and useful for managers who are starting out, but also as a reminder of the basic truths of leadership for those who are experienced and senior in the organization.