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Draw Out Employee Strengths

Get engaged with David Zinger’s Management Tip to draw out employee strengths. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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John Wooden Quote

Recently, legendary basketball coach John Wooden was interviewed in Toastmasters Magazine. There were many valuable leadership tidbits spread throughout, but the closing paragraph really struck a cord. 

“I think we are all guilty at times of wanting things to happen a certain way but not doing everything we are capable of to help that become a reality. We just want it to. And that’s not life. That shouldn’t be life.” 

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Only Have Time for Meetings

Managers are experts at attending meetings. There always seems to be time to attend them, but never time to complete the action items assigned during prior meetings. Wouldn’t it be better to skip out on the meeting, complete the assignment and have the deliverable in the organizer’s inbox before the meeting ends? For more, click here.

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5 Steps For Managing Your Boss

Why do you need to manage your manager, and how do you go about doing it? Invest 8 minutes with Vince Thompson to find out. Click here.

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Trust Withheld; Micromanagement Unveiled

Micromanagement and lack of trust are cries often heard in today's business arenas. In this age of accountability, downsizing, larger spans of control, complex global competition, and job uncertainty, all managers are faced with getting results through people. Managers preach empowerment and yet, if the results are not right, who gets the blame?

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Don’t Be Judgemental

Brian Oates offers up his tip on the Management Tips Podcast Series. If you have about 6 minutes to spare, give it a listen here.

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What is Self Leadership

The notion of "leadership" is a complex one. Others lead through "commands" and subordinates follow because that is what is expected from them. Yet others lead through "role modeling" or through what is becoming more known today as "self-leadership." Self-Leadership skills are a "must" for 21st century business professionals.  Follow Dream Inc.

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If you want to invite me to be a speaker or consult your employees, please contact to anytime. Thank you  

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Maxwell’s - “Seven Deadly Sins”

In his book, Developing the Leader Within You, John Maxwell lists the “Seven Deadly Sins” that excellent managers should avoid.


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The 1-3-6 Exercise

 What’s the 1-3-6 Exercise? Listen to The Management Tips Podcast with Dan Coughlin to find out. Click here.