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Maxwell’s - “Seven Deadly Sins”

In his book, Developing the Leader Within You, John Maxwell lists the “Seven Deadly Sins” that excellent managers should avoid.


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The 1-3-6 Exercise

 What’s the 1-3-6 Exercise? Listen to The Management Tips Podcast with Dan Coughlin to find out. Click here.

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Test of a Leader: Recognize a Problem Before It Becomes an Emergency

In his book, Developing the Leader Within You, John Maxwell writes that, “a test of a leader is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an Emergency.” He goes on to say, “Under excellent leadership, a problem seldom reaches gigantic proportions because it is recognized and fixed in it’s early stages.”

He goes on to point out the sequence in which leaders recognize a problem…

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Focus on Your Sphere of Control

At a time when external distractions abound, Kevin Eikenberry's challenges us to refocus on what we can control. To listen to the Management Tips podcast with Kevin, click here.

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A Little Extra

Employees have been beaten down quite a bit over the past couple of decades - Downsizing, rightsizing, offshoring, etc. They have been asked to work more, while salary increases have been sparse. Joe and Wanda, how do you get employees to do that little extra – take on that additional project for instance?

Form more, click here.

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How “Leaders” Suck the Life Out of Others

Just caught a presentation by Dr. Alan Zimmerman over the weekend, which I enjoyed so much I signed up for his free newsletter. Received my first “Tuesday Tip” today. In it Alan discusses the 2 primary ways leaders suck the life out of others – through their ignorance and arrogance.

For more, click here.

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Trevor's Tip - Be Bold!

Trevor Gay is this week's guest on our Management Tips Series. Click here, to listen to his management tip - Be Bold

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Communications Quotes

We just had the Wayne Turmel podcast on communication, and it seemed appropriate to continue the theme with a few quotes…

There is nothing so simple that someone can’t misunderstand it. Almost always, the problem can be traced to communications.
-- Pat Croce

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
-- George Bernard Shaw

Communication works for those who work at it.
-- John Powell

Communication is the real work of leadership
-- Nitin Nohria

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Communications - The Heart of a Manager’s Job

Wayne Turmel gets to the heart of the matter with his management tip. Listen to the podcast here.

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Lifter or Leaner?

In his book, Lead or Get Off the Pot, Pat Croce includes the following poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Which are You
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

There are two kinds of people in the world today,
Just two kinds of people, no more I say,

Not the good and bad, for ‘tis well understood
The good are half bad and the bad are half good.