Are YOU an Owner in Your Corporate Retreat? From Numbness to Engagement

Your eyes are glazing over, head slumping dangerously closer to the table, upon which lie scattered papers. The coffee’s terrible, as are the fat-laden muffins and pastries.

The New Leadership: Fear, Control, Manipulation

One of my favorite e-newsletters is Strategy+Business (produced by Booz&Company). You can depend on receiving insightful viewpoints and interviews with leading thinkers.

Deming’s Deadly Disease #3 – Annual Reviews

Hub member Nick McCormick first published this in The Hub in 2008. As it's annual performance review time for many of you (January 2012), I've dug it out of the archives, as it is timely. Also, Nick has a second book out, and the 'more', below, takes you to his site where you can have a look...Phil (The Hub Caretaker) 

Nick's original post starts here

Instant Pudding Learning and Multitasking: A Leadership Challenge

If you ask me anything I don’t know, I’m not going to answer.
– Yogi Berra (former New York Yankees manager)

CEOs of 2012 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What We Can Learn from Senge’s 7 Learning Disabilities

Call it a culture of myopia and greed, but there remains a huge tension between organizations led by CEOs who demonstrate little concern for employees, shareholders or the environment through bad leadership

In Memory of the World’s Greenest CEO

Sometimes people are taken from us much too soon – people who are doing extraordinary good for the planet.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Leadership Lessons to Redefine Your Thinking

I remember hearing about an incredible leader in the U.S. Navy over a decade ago. This guy was a mere commander, in charge of 310 sailors on a new guided missile destroyer, yet he radically changed many Navy policies and practices during his command.

The Darth Vader of Leadership: Dick Cheney’s Misguided Memoir

It doesn't matter your background. You could be a former felon from computer hacking, mobster hit man or disgraced politician or businessman. There's money to be made in writing a book, regardless of how crap the contents or writing style.


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