The VISION Thing

We hear a lot about how important it

Ignoring the Obvious = Disaster!

A few years ago RIM's Blackberry was white hot; tens of millions of business people were trading e-mails via that revolutionary device. While you could get to the internet, it was an awkward device for getting to the specific information and services you were interested in.

Power With Vs. Power Over: Where Do YOU Stand?

PowerDo you like to be told what to do, to be given orders without being allowed the opportunity to contribute your ideas?


Where the Bullies Roam: Harassment in the Workplace

From Changing Winds

How many of you like being bullied? Show of hands, please.

Hmmm. No one raised their hands. Wonder why.

Okay, how about this: how many of you have bullied someone in the past at work?


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