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In Memory of the World’s Greenest CEO

Sometimes people are taken from us much too soon – people who are doing extraordinary good for the planet.

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Work Hard, Play Hard: Leadership Lessons to Redefine Your Thinking

I remember hearing about an incredible leader in the U.S. Navy over a decade ago. This guy was a mere commander, in charge of 310 sailors on a new guided missile destroyer, yet he radically changed many Navy policies and practices during his command.

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The Darth Vader of Leadership: Dick Cheney’s Misguided Memoir

It doesn't matter your background. You could be a former felon from computer hacking, mobster hit man or disgraced politician or businessman. There's money to be made in writing a book, regardless of how crap the contents or writing style.

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No FREE Lunch! Is Capitalism Dead?

TrainDateline: May, 2008.

My wife, Sue, and I were rocketing across America on a three week, 6,500 mile Amtrak train trip. For a couple of Canucks from the Great White North, it was a phenomenal experience to spend time in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, plus many other cities and towns. Seeing the Grand Canyon, the Meteor Crater and the splendid beauty of Sedona, Arizona, was thrilling.

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The VISION Thing

We hear a lot about how important it

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Ignoring the Obvious = Disaster!

A few years ago RIM's Blackberry was white hot; tens of millions of business people were trading e-mails via that revolutionary device. While you could get to the internet, it was an awkward device for getting to the specific information and services you were interested in.