Leading in a Virtualized World: 10 Traits of a Cyber Leader

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The world is getting smaller, shrinking steadily due to rapid advancements in telecommunications technology. Work is being distributed to countries that would have been scorned at a decade ago.

Ten Leadership Behaviors to Master Turbulent Change

Baseball great Yogi Berra had his own explanation when his batting wasn't up to par: 

Is Tough-Ass Leadership Better Than Servant Leadership?

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As a Western society we’ve been enraptured with leadership for decades. The past 20 years have witnessed a tidal wave of books on leadership and management, with most of them having short shelf lives and, in reality, providing gimmicky messages based on flimsy or non-existent research.

Are You Managing or LEADING Generation Y?

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I recently did a Google search on “Generation Y.” The outcome?

4,050,000 results.

I then searched “Millennials” and got 483,000 results.

Leadership vs. Self-Service in the Public Service: Why Leading with Integrity Matters

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Dear readers,

I’ve debated over which topic, among many, would celebrate my 200th post on WordPress. I chose public service because of my recent long attachment to the Government of Canada and because of the leadership and values elements that are embedded within this post.

“Are We There Yet?” A Guest Post on Employee Engagement by Bret Simmons

From Changing Winds

One of my favorite leadership blogs is that of eponymous Bret Simmons. Bret’s insightful perspectives on leadership issues, based on his experiences, teaching and consulting, bring a lot to the subject, and in particular the virtual conversations going on in cyberspace. One of his recent posts really resonated for me, and I’m sure you’ll find his observations and questions penetrating.


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