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Are You Managing or LEADING Generation Y?

From Changing Winds

I recently did a Google search on “Generation Y.” The outcome?

4,050,000 results.

I then searched “Millennials” and got 483,000 results.

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Leadership vs. Self-Service in the Public Service: Why Leading with Integrity Matters

From Changing Winds


Dear readers,

I’ve debated over which topic, among many, would celebrate my 200th post on WordPress. I chose public service because of my recent long attachment to the Government of Canada and because of the leadership and values elements that are embedded within this post.

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“Are We There Yet?” A Guest Post on Employee Engagement by Bret Simmons

From Changing Winds

One of my favorite leadership blogs is that of eponymous Bret Simmons. Bret’s insightful perspectives on leadership issues, based on his experiences, teaching and consulting, bring a lot to the subject, and in particular the virtual conversations going on in cyberspace. One of his recent posts really resonated for me, and I’m sure you’ll find his observations and questions penetrating.

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INNOVATE, Or Die! Why Results-based Visionary Leadership is America’s Solution

From Changing Winds

I’m a human sponge when it comes to trying to understand what’s taking place in the world. I’m especially interested in competitiveness issues and where leadership AND management fit in as essential cornerstones to enabling companies to thrive in uncertainty and volatility. I try to synthesize what I read, integrating it with my work and life experiences.

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How Committed Are You to Customer Service? Meet Matt Fusco of The Rugged Mill

Every fall, Sue and I make a trip to New Brunswick to visit her folks and other relatives and friends. We’ve been doing this pilgrimage since moving away from the province in 2000. Our preferred route to New Brunswick is through New York States, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. We know the roads like the back of our hands, marveling at the incredible beauty of the Adirondacks and the Green and White Mountains.

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Free AMA hosted Webcast with Mintzberg on Management

"Join world renowned management writer and business education “rebel” Dr. Henry Mintzberg for a free-wheeling conversation on management as it is practiced." (from AMA website).

You must pre-register with AMA at this link before the event:!.aspx

Date of Event: Sep 29, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

What You Will Learn

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A Race to the Bottom in Customer Service: How Low Can You Go?

From Jim's blog Changing Winds

All organizations, whether public, private or non-profit, like to espouse that they’re client or customer focused. Being “client centric” is what excites public servants, at least in my experience. There’s what I’ll bluntly call a mammoth load of BS when it comes to what organizations purport they provide and what they actually deliver when it comes to serving clients and customers. The disconnect can be palpable.

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Back to the floor: Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button put together the McLaren Mercedes Formula One car

I used to work with the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team and their teamwork was like nothing else I've ever seen - They seem to read each others' minds. Matt Bishop at McLaren just sent me this video. He swears the drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton did indeed put the car together. A lot of leaders try 'back to the floor' initiatives - getting senior management to work in others' shoes for a day. It's one of the most powerful things you can do. This is a great example of it. Phil Dourado