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Be Proactive With Your Business Strategy

In these challenging times, Joel Smith, CEO of JF Smith & Associates, advises managers not to lose sight of the power and importance of setting and executing sound strategy. Listen to the 8 1/2 minute podcast here.

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Six Performance Review Questions

In Mark McCormack’s book, “On Managing,” the former CEO of sports marketing company, IMG suggests that managers ask the following questions in a performance review to “transform the standard review from a dispiriting affair into an enlightening one? For more, click here.

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Singing People’s Praises

In Mark McCormack’s book, “On Managing,” the former CEO of sports marketing company, IMG states, “When it comes to singing other people’s praises, all of us could use voice lessons.” He goes on to say that one’s criticism to praise ratio should not be greater than one to one. What’s your criticism to praise ratio? For more, click here.

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Caring for Employees, with Jack Hayhow

If you’ve got a shade under 9 minutes to spare, take the time to listen to Jack Hayhow describe the 4 key activities great managers use to care for their employees. Click here.

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'Tis the Season

It’s the time of year for giving and sharing. I’m reminded of Rule #12 in Susan Stamm’s book, 42 Rules of Employee Engagement, Sharing Builds Community, which relays the importance of being connected. Susan points out that the popularity of the many social networking sites are testament to our need to connect. These “virtual” connections, though, don’t seem to be the same as the real thing. For more, click here.

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Task Management

In their book, Why Can’t We Get Anything Done Here, Robert Lefton and Jerome Loeb suggest that three questions be asked for every work assignment.

  1. Is the task important?
  2. Is the person capable of doing the task?
  3. Does the person enjoy the task?

For more, click here.

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Counting Down The Top Ten Tips For Leading Yourself And Others In An Economic Downturn

Tip #10:
Stop re-arranging the deck chairs.

The greatest problem with change is that no one wants to admit that it can happen to them.  The big three automakers kept ignoring signals from both the consumer as well as the market place.  Be honest about potential downturns and get ready. Don't create the doomsday, hand-wringing scenarios but ones that are well thought-out with a plan of action in your back pocket. Contingency is the name of the game. It's rather like a fire drill. If you don't have a plan, you can burn up!

Tip #9:
Go with what "brung ya."

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Four Dimensions of Leadership

If you've got about 9 minutes, listen in to Bruce Lewin's Management Tip as he describes how we can improve ourselves and our ogranizations by considering 4 dimensions of leadership. Click here.

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Changing Voicemail Greetings

Last post we talked about how companies don’t update the message on their Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs)? Today we will discuss the opposite extreme. There are those that change their voicemail message every day, regardless of whether there is a change. For more, click here.

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IVR Gaffe

“Please listen carefully as the menu options have changed.” How often have we been greeted with this infernal message on an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? The kicker is I don’t recall a single instance where the menu options have actually changed.  For more click here.