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Jeffrey Immelt, Please Meet Henry Mintzberg: Fixing GE’s Leadership Challenge

Poor Jeff Immelt. Despite better than expected earnings by Wallstreet, General Electric’s first quarter still sank by one third, weighed down mainly by its GE Capital unit, but also due to weak performance by some of its heavy industrial divisions. Seen as a general indicator of the U.S. economy’s performance (the results of its wide-ranging product line) GE still has a mountain to climb if it ever hopes to regain its former prominence.

How things have changed since former CEO Jack Welch retired from GE in 2001 after 20 years at the helm.

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How Mutual Commitment Leads to Excellence: The Lincoln Electric Story

My last post The Race to the Bottom: Demolishing Corporate Pensions was a bit of a depressing–yet realistic depiction–of what is happening in many Western countries when it comes to the economic blight being imposed on workers.

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Know Top Ten Facts about Stress Management

A stress for a week will boost your zeal and help you improve your productivity but on the contrary, if stress exceeds more than a week then it is harmful to the person’s physical as well as mental state. So in order to keep this in track you need to know about stress management and how it deals efficiently with the stress levels and make you free from all the worries.

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Listen, Comment, and Win

Just wanted to let you all know that we posted our 200th entry on the “Joe and Wanda on Management Blog.” It’s a podcast with Susan Stamm, author of “42 Rules of Employee Engagement.”

We’re celebrating by offering our readers/listeners an opportunity to win a free gift. Help us celebrate this milestone by listening in to Susan’s Management Tip. Leave a comment and you will be eligible to win a copy of Susan’s book, or a Be Good Ventures T-Shirt featuring Joe and Wanda!

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The Recovering Leader

Results of a survey taken on the blog of the recovering leader.

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The Bus...

Does this sound familiar?

"Most companies build their bureaucratic rules to manage the small percentage of wrong people on the bus, which in turn drives away the right people on the bus, which increases the need for more bureaucracy to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline, which then further drives the right people away...."

Jim Collins, Good to Great, 2001

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Education Management & Leadership

Get connected, exchange insight and get inspiration across borders!

Welcome to this open forum for managers and leaders from the education sector. Private or public, US. or international, it really doesn't matter. Here you can get connected and exchange knowledge with other education managers and leaders across borders. You might be amazed how much you have in common with others in different countries or school types.

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Be Proactive With Your Business Strategy

In these challenging times, Joel Smith, CEO of JF Smith & Associates, advises managers not to lose sight of the power and importance of setting and executing sound strategy. Listen to the 8 1/2 minute podcast here.